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Our Logo


Area furniture is the baby of the lockdown we faced during the pandemic of 2020. With the economical crisis on hand it was getting very difficult to make ends meet. So, Reena Mishra Vashisht, a mother of two also the sole provider of the house birthed the idea of Area Furnitures. An online furniture brand that will have all the good quality products you need.

For the founder of this company family means everything, hence the name Area. You see area is a play with the letters of the names Reena, Arjun and Rhea the latter two being the children of Ms. Vashisht.

Which is why we want every furniture at Area to be a gift from our family to yours.



Our Promise


Usually whenever you are looking to buy furniture online the thought of it not being a quality product scares you, but that is certainly not the case here at Area Furnitures. We give you 100% guaranteed good quality product. We use all the branded materials, which will give you the stability you have been looking for.

We also guarantee on-time delivery, which is safe and efficient. Our products are most definitely worth every penny, with exceptional craftsmanship and quality that no-one can question. We also promise to launch new designs every month. Our company is based on the following values: Create, Aim, Aspire. We create whatever it is you need and aim to deliver just the way you like it. We aspire to be better each and every day, for you and your family.



Our Slow Concept


Area is a slow lifestyle brand. What is a slow brand you ask? Well it is most definitely the opposite of a fast brand. Slow brand is about carefully creating long-lasting products while being responsible at every step- manufacturing -> Supply chain -> sales -> Customer Service.

We release annual collections at the start of our favourite season, which of course are Holi and Diwali. As the seasons and festivities go by, we will keep adding new and beautiful products that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The uniqueness of our products is what makes us stand out from any other brand. All the products are available throughout the year- so that by the end of it there is love and choice is plenty.

This simply means that our range is permanent and evergreen. The aim is to get our customers to feel the same love towards each product as we do – love your Area products and take care of it as an important part of your life.

Fast brand on the other hand is all about catering to fast-shifting consumer demands. It focuses on cost effective manufacturing and shelving new trends as often as multiple time in a single week! While this could be exciting for some, it is damaging the environment on an unimaginable scale, in our opinion. We must change.







Our Story


Our story started from a small company called Thinking Beyond, the company took its first breathes in a small cow stable located in Badarpur. With only 60,000 Rupees in hand the owner of the company, Ms. Reena Mishra Vashisht, had a dream to change the way corporate showrooms were built.

In the year 2017, Thinking Beyond turned to Thinking Beyond Interiors Pvt. Ltd and has passed quality standards of ISO 9001:2015. In the journey of 8 years from a cow stable to a German imported well equipped 35,000 sq. Ft floor space factory, we offer a wide range of architectural and interior designing, showroom, stall designing and fabrication. We have been catering to companies like Jaquar, Kajaria, Sleepwell, Hindware, etc. on PAN India level. For more details please visit www.thinkingbeyond.co.in. (Yes, we’re not really young and that’s the best.)

Globally when we talk about online furniture brand, only a handful brands popup in our mind, which use good quality product, branded hardware, laminate, veneer and easy to install. The material delivered is far from superior than the pictures and details shared on the website. However, in India pictures shown are of the good quality, whereas when we receive product, we get total disappointment, we want to change this experience, our effort is to make customers disappointment tun into customer delight. Yes, we may be premium, but we are 100% value for your money.



Our Stores


E-200, Roop Nagar, Hari Nagar

Harsh Vihar, Part-3

Jaitpur Extension